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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it cost to have my road(s) sprayed?

Costs vary by location, terrain and traffic patterns. You can request a quote by calling our office at 541-727-7284 or emailing us. The length and width of the area will need to be considered, as well as location. You will be schedule when we are in your area to save you money in trucking costs, so your dollars go on your road instead of down the road.  

Do I need to keep children and pets indoors for a period of time after you spray?

No. Earthbind® 100 is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, there is minimal odor and it does not create any airborne contaminants.

How many applications will I need?

The product, depending on application area, may require maintenance shoots (usually 50% of the material used in first application) on a schedule of 10 to 20 days. Steepness of road, traffic and road composition will determine application needs.

Do I need to mark the area to be sprayed if I cannot be available?

We ask for someone to be at the location for first application to ensure no misunderstanding and quality controls by you, our preferred customer. If more application will be done, it would not be needed for someone to be there.

Getting Started

To schedule dust control or soil stabilization service, simply contact our office by phone or email.

For more information please call 541-727-7284 or email us today.

  • Superior dust cohesion and suppression
  • Excellent soil erosion prevention
  • Fast application without road closures
  • Lasting effects when applied as directed
  • Efficient dust control under a variety of conditions.


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